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Who are we?

Core business

Over the past ten years, RKR Recycling has established itself as a specialist in the field of recycling of automotive catalysts and precious metals. RKR Recycling carries out the recycling process of Catalysts on a daily basis. By working with our own specialized equipment, we not only benefit a lot from the entire process ourselves but you as our customer as well. This starts with the transport, which we can carry out for you. In our own laboratory we can, among other things, test special metals o.a. ceramic, monolith. We carry out analyses and do sampling and grinding.


RKR Recycling specializes in the recycling of automotive-catalysts. When purchasing automotive catalysts for recycling, the price depends on the type and make of catalyst. The value of the catalyst is determined by the amount of precious metals in the ceramic. We have our own catalogue that allows us to assess the value on the spot. With us, payment always follows the same day. We can collect large batches from you. We purchase all catalysts, in addition to automotive-catalysts. All catalysts are sorted by quality. Direct purchase: we purchase your catalysts based on our daily price per unit or based on weight. A separate quantitative analysis of small batches or sample can be done if the value of the catalyst (s) is not clear in advance. Direct purchase: we buy your catalysts based on individual test results.