Our service.

Our benefit is also your benefit.

Our factory

We are the largest catalyst recycling company in the Netherlands. We process about 20,000 catalysts a week. We are the only factory in the Netherlands. Your party will be dismantled (if necessary).
Based on the actual value, we calculate the daily prices, which is related to market prices. We have our own catalogue that allows us to assess the value on the spot.

Very good recycling price

The advantage for you, as a customer, is that through our working method and own processing, you have the maximum advantage, which makes for a very good recycling price for you. You are welcome to our factory for a tour. Our representative will be happy to visit you for a no-obligation introduction meeting. You can make an appointment for this.

Own laboratory

In our own laboratory we can investigate special metals (e.g. ceramics, monolith). We perform analysis, sampling and refining. We analyse catalysts and particulate filters. For a good relationship with you as a customer, we offer you the service to request a free analysis. You send us a sample and we perform the analysis for you. With our specialized equipment, we have full control and insight into the true value.

You get the real value of your catalysts with us

We process 20,000 catalysts per week. In addition to our specialized equipment for analysis, we can often determine the value directly on the basis of our catalogue. If you don't want to waste money, you've come to the right place at RKR Recycling. If you deliver your ceramics directly to a refinery, there is usually a wait of up to several weeks until you are paid. If your delivery permits, we will pay immediately.


We can carry out the transport of batches for you. We can also take care of the transport of dangerous goods. Our specialized team arranges the daily transport for parties in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Other places in Europe where we work are Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Ireland and Poland.

Transport from batches to dangerous goods

Please contact us to arrange transport. Own delivery is possible during our opening hours. Direct analysis and payment is possible by appointment.

Service overview

Weighing and payment is (depending on the type of purchase) often possible immediately upon collection. Payment possible in cash or by bank / giro. Which is directly related to market prices. Market prices are determined depending on LME, US dollar exchange rate and supply and demand.
You are welcome during regular opening hours.



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